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Philadelphia, PA No Sugar Added & Low Calorie Chocolate

No Sugar Added Chocolate in Philadelphia, PA

In Philadelphia, there are tons of places throughout the city and nearby suburbs to find delicious and tasty treats. But, finding a sweet treat with no sugar added and low calories can sometimes be a difficult task. That’s why RED chocolate should be your go-to low-calorie, low-fat treat! Our no sugar added chocolate is made with rich cocoa beans, and fewer calories than other competitors’ choices.

No sugar added chocolate in Philadelphia, PA
Low calorie, no sugar added chocolate in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Low Calorie Chocolate Options

Having a decadent and tasty low-calorie chocolate option in the Philadelphia area can change the way you eat chocolate forever! We craft our European chocolates with no added refined sugar to ensure the lowest amount of fat possible. If you’re around the Philadelphia area, RED is easily found in major grocery stores and other retailers. You’ll be able to pick up our Pralines, Grab N Go bars, and 3.5 oz. Chocolate Bar packs for all your chocolate-loving, Philadelphia-area adventures. This beautiful, historic city is full of eclectic, colorful murals in every neighborhood. From old city to North Philly and every beautiful street in between, it is surely an adventure waiting to happen. Always have a delicious snack with you when you’re on the go in the city of brotherly love.



Are you living in or visiting Philadelphia, PA and looking for no sugar added chocolate? RED can be found in a variety of Rite Aid Pharmacies, Shop Rites, Walmarts, and Burlington Department Stores throughout the Philly area. You can also find nearby stores that have RED chocolate options in stock by visiting this page and typing in your nearby location in Philadelphia!


Take a look at the no sugar added, low-calorie options that we offer to Philadelphia

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