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RED Chocolate Celebrates International Day of Awesomeness

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By, Dara Wilson


RED Chocolate is thrilled to celebrate International Day of Awesomeness, which falls on March 10th every year. Why you may ask?

Didn’t you know?! RED exudes awesomeness. As a premier, no sugar added chocolate company with European roots, we here at RED are ecstatic to partake in this world celebration. Let’s examine all of the reasons why RED is awesome.


RED Chocolate is AWESOME for Countless Reasons


#1 Our loyal fan/customer/blogger base.

No company would be successful if it weren’t for people buying its products. Without a doubt, we love to honor our customers because THEY are why we’re awesome. Everyone needs to feel loved, and the RED team sure does feel the love.

How can we ever forget our favorite customer? He claims that “RED is the only true low-calorie chocolate bar. And, it’s very tasty.” RED was a huge part of his weight loss journey. He states, “The worst thing is to deprive yourself of what you love. Seek out healthy and low-calorie alternatives for things you love. For me, it’s chocolate and that’s why I found RED. You can lose weight and still eat delicious things.” Read his full interview here.

Hard-working bloggers, news outlets, and magazines have also helped RED become a gift, pantry, and to-go snack staple across the country.


#2 RED uses natural sugar substitutes and has no added/refined sugars.

Natural sugar substitutes can get a bad reputation, especially sugar alcohols. Although, our master chocolatiers know best. Our main sweetener, erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol derived from melons. It does not spike blood sugar levels and has a lower glycemic index than other natural sugar alternatives. It is no surprise that limiting added sugars helps curb disease and obesity.


#3 RED is a heart-healthy chocolate.

Not all chocolates or chocolate companies are created equal. We here at RED are proud of the heart-healthy, delicious chocolate our chocolatiers have created for people of varying diets and health conditions for all ages.


#4 RED chocolate is all flavor with no added nonsense.

  • 40% less fat and 35% fewer calories than other leading chocolates
  • Low carb
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegetarian
  • Keto-friendly dark chocolate varieties
  • Weight Watchers, Whole30, and Atkins friendly
  • Non-GMO


Awesome Things Deserve Credit on International Day of Awesomeness


#5 RED Chocolate supports others.

Red encourages healthy and smart snacking. That is why we recently sponsored a Cali CrossFit team for their competition.

RED showed its appreciation for healthy hearts by matching donations this February to the American Heart Association.

Those in need, deserve support the most. Currently, we are encouraging people to add a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) at checkout.


#6 Make delicious food using RED recipes.

If you haven’t made chocolate avocado mousse yet, get ready to take your tastebuds to a whole new level. Rich, decadent, and full of flavor and healthy fats. What about RED’s sweet potato fat bombs? You’re welcome in advance. You can add RED to basically everything. Melt it, crush it, and sprinkle onto whatever you want. Check out RED recipes for delicious treats.


#7 RED has crafted world-famous pralines.

Creamy, rich RED milk chocolate with a silky hazelnut or coconut filling. Yes, they are THAT good. Free of palm oil and basically all other nonsense, our pralines have become our most sought-after product. Buy RED pralines now.


#8 RED is proud of its European roots.

RED began as a dream for two European, multi-generational chocolatier families. Their dream was to craft a chocolate that the world had never tasted with no sugar added. RED Chocolate is headquartered in Switzerland and sold around the world.


#9 RED Chocolate loves to create up and coming new flavors.

RED chocolatiers are not afraid to take risks so your tastebuds don’t get bored. Thanks to endless positive feedback on our blonde bar, this will now be sold as a regular item in Spring 2022.


#10 RED continues to exceed its goals.

Need we say more? RED is proud of becoming an important part in the confectionary world.


RED Chocolate IS Awesomeness


RED is excited for the future, especially for you to try RED if you haven’t. Shop now. Onward and upward!

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