red chocolate encourages donating

RED Chocolate Encourages Donating to Humanitarian Efforts

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By, Dara Wilson


As a company, RED believes it’s important to give back. That’s why RED chocolate encourages donating to humanitarian efforts all year long.

During the entire month of February, we had great success with matching donations to the American Heart Association for heart awareness month. Now, we want to continue our support for hearts and people in need across the world.  

It is no secret that helping others allows us to grow and connect as humans. Empathy is one of the most important traits in order to get along with others and understand different struggles.


RED Chocolate Encourages Donating

CEO of RED U.S. operations Glenn Gardone emphasizes donating and offering support to those in need. He stresses some very important thoughts.

“If you think back in your life to those really special moments, it wasn’t what you received, but what you gave that made you smile. It’s not about the “me,” it’s about the “we.” Giving what you can; time, money, friendship whatever you choose. Just choose to be a positive influence in life. That’s what we try to do personally and professionally at RED Chocolate.”

– Glenn Gardone, CEO of RED Chocolate U.S. Operations


Charitable Giving to Those in Need

We want to shine a spotlight on the great work that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) does all year long, every year. Their organization helps over 90 countries with active grassroots level volunteers giving food and water aid and other support structures. The ICRC supports people in crisis over civil war or unrest due to violence.

Currently, when you buy RED chocolate on our site, you have the option to donate $1, $3, or $5 at checkout. Support Ukrainian families and other in need around the world in unrest or other conflicts. RED likes to go by the idea that we are all in this together.

Buy some delicious RED chocolate, European crafted with no refined sugars added, and give back to others in the process. We here at RED know we will.

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