Block CrossFit Sponsored by RED for 2022 Wodapalooza

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Written by, Dara Wilson

As an advocate of smarter snacking, RED Chocolate was excited to sponsor Block CrossFit’s competition team for 2022 Wodapalooza. Wodapalooza is an annual fitness event in Miami’s eclectic and vibrant Biscayne Bay. Revered by the locals, the Wodapalooza festival brings together fitness lovers from all over the world to sunny and warm Florida.


Team Block

Block CrossFit in Redlands, CA is one of the many successful CrossFit gyms across the country. Team Block is comprised of three Block CrossFit superstars.

Joe King

As the owner of Block CrossFit, Joe is proud to have won numerous competitions in Southern California as a part of Team Block.

  • Specializes in endurance and ‘grunt work’ style workouts
  • Consistently ranked in top 500 worldwide, including being a quarterfinalist
  • First place for a workout in the 2021 age group online qualifier


Richard Lunsford

Currently a high school teacher and football coach, Rich has won numerous local CrossFit competitions around Southern California.

  • Specializes in high power output and strength events
  • Has competed with and against some of the best athletes in the world
  • Briefly trained with the CDR Games Team in 2016


Michael Haddad

Michael is a middle school teacher and has competed in CrossFit competitions all over Southern California. As a previous bodybuilder, he has won numerous competitions as part of Team Block.

  • Specializes in long mono-structural and muscular endurance events 
  • Individual quarterfinalist in the CrossFit open
  • Qualifier for the CrossFit Occupational Games


Team Block’s goal for this trip is to have fun and proudly represent Block CrossFit gym. This is the largest stage Team Block has ever competed on and they are excited to showcase their abilities as a team. Trained and competed together for years, they are now looking forward to highlighting their abilities on a global stage.

RED Chocolate Promotes Active and Healthy Lifestyles

RED knows that to be healthy, it’s not just what you put in your body, but it’s how you treat your body. Our chocolate company prides itself on being complimentary to macro-conscious diets. 

Smarter snacking equates to smarter overall health and wellness. When you’re aware of what you’re putting into your body, even when you’re spoiling your sweet tooth, you’re on the track to greatness.

Let’s be real; we know that chocolate is not the healthiest treat. Yet, with no refined sugars, RED is the ultimate all indulgence, no guilt, delicious chocolate of the no added sugar confectionary world. Yep, RED is where it’s at for full flavor and no added nonsense. 

RED chocolate is proud to spotlight how awesome Team Block is and to continuously promote healthy lifestyle choices like smarter snacking.

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