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Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate!

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Written by, Dara Wilson


There is no easy time to be diabetic if you have a sweet tooth, especially around the holidays. Do you cringe at eating sugar-free diabetic chocolate bars? Have you given up hope finding tasty chocolate to eat as a diabetic? Well, search no more. RED bars are here to save the day, a chocolate that is diabetic-friendly and rich in flavor.

Diabetes can be overwhelming and frustrating, but knowing the basics will help you or loved ones.

  • Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes a person’s blood glucose levels to rise to unhealthy levels (hyperglycemia).
  • Therefore, diabetics need to watch their daily sugar intake, especially when they might already have a spike in blood sugar levels.
  • Due to diabetic symptoms and complications, depression and/or other such conditions may arise.
  • Chronic diabetes causes oxidative stress. Unfortunately, the body has a difficult time fighting off harmful radicals (oxidants). This puts a diabetic more at risk of other diseases and infections.

Chocolate for Diabetics


Yes, diabetics can have chocolate, but in moderation and quality definitely matters. Do not let anyone tell you all chocolate is bad for you.


  • Dark chocolate has a low glycemic index (GI). As such, it does not lead to spikes in blood sugar. It is full of fat and fiber, not sugar.
  • Likewise, chocolate syrups, cakes, cookies, and other desserts with processed sugar and starch have a higher glycemic index, and are not good for diabetics.
  • High-quality dark chocolate (70% or higher) is the best chocolate for diabetics to eat, as it has flavonoids, a type of antioxidant and mood-boosting effects.

Diabetic Chocolate Bars


 Find a dark chocolate that is diabetic friendly, like RED, without the bland sugar-free taste.


  • Non-GMO: made with natural sugars like erythritol (melon sugar) and stevia (plant sugar), plus no added sugar
  • Weight-watchers and Keto-friendly: less fat and up to 50% less calories than other dark chocolate bars
  • High-quality cocoa for a rich, sweet, healthier chocolate
  • RED Grab-n-go bars: great as a guiltless treat with as little as 0.4 grams of sugar

RED Product

Grams of Sugar

Extra Dark Chocolate 60% Cocoa 3.53 oz. bar


Classic Dark Chocolate 3.53 oz. bar


Dark Chocolate w/ Orange & Almond 3.53 oz. bar


Milk Chocolate 3.53 oz. bar


Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut & Macadamia 3.53 oz. bar


Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut & Macadamia nut filling 3.53 oz. bar


Milk Chocolate Pralines 3.5 oz. serving


Milk Chocolate Pralines w/ coconut filling 3.5 oz. serving


Dark Chocolate Grab-n-go 0.92 oz. bar


Dark Chocolate w/ Orange & Almond Grab-n-go 0.92 oz. bar


Milk Chocolate Grab-n-go 0.92 oz. bar


Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut & Macadamia Grab-n-go 0.92 oz. bar



Diabetes Chocolate Eating Tips

As a diabetic, you can indulge in sweets, but do it right and be careful.


  • Certain things like sugar should be eaten in moderation, especially with diabetes. Of course, it is important to be happy and to treat yourself.
  • Yes, you can eat other chocolate than dark chocolate, but be responsible. When you are going to indulge in sweets, monitor your blood glucose level. If it is already high, treat yourself to chocolate another day.
  • Keep a “sweets” journal. Simply make a daily list of what chocolate or other dessert you had that day, your blood glucose level (if you checked), and how you felt afterwards. Many people hate journaling, but you will be grateful to have made a record of these things.

All in all, being diabetic sometimes may feel like a burden, but don’t cut chocolate out of your life. It is healthy for you, and many people feel great when eating it. Make sure to always balance your mental health with other things. Treat yourself when it feels right. REDiscover great chocolate with RED.

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