things to be grateful for in 2020

REDflections: Things to be Grateful for in 2020

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Written by, Dara Wilson


Well, 2020 has been brutal, but there are still many things to be grateful for in 2020. As we reflect this Thanksgiving, think about your life amidst COVID. In many ways, the holidays right before a new year are a good time to reflect. Many things slow down or pause before a new year begins. Take some time to look back on 2020.


Things to be Grateful For Benefits


Undoubtedly, consistently reminding yourself what you are grateful for benefits you psychologically, as well as physically.


Things to be Grateful For List


Occasional journaling is a healthy way to remind yourself what is great about your life and what makes you happy. Moreover, health benefits, such as stronger emotional function and mood, can also be a result of writing down happy feelings.

Although, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Make sure that when you journal, you do not focus on negative thoughts, but rather, promote positivity in the way you think and feel. Lists, such as the ones below, will help to constantly keep a healthy outlook.

  • What has made you happy this past year, or what makes you happy every year?
  • What hopes do you have for the upcoming year?
  • What are new activities or hobbies you can do to cope with possible stress or worry in the upcoming year, or possible activities you fell out of that are healthy for you?
  • What good habits stemmed from COVID? What did it force you to do that has benefited you, your loved ones, or the planet?
  • How has your outlook positively changed amidst the pandemic? What new things have you realized or been enlightened in?
  • What new foods have you tried or recipes have you made this year you enjoyed?


Things to be Grateful for in 2020


This past year many people have not felt comfortable going shopping like they normally would. Online shopping is a modern luxury. Being able to purchase things you need and love, right from home, can reduce stress. Plus, who doesn’t get excited to have packages arrive right at their door?

This holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself to things that make you happy, such as good chocolate, which has been proven to stimulate brain function. Now, you can journal, while eating chocolate. You deserve it. REDiscover what makes you happy, with RED.

Journal. Eat good chocolate. Find things to be grateful for in 2020.


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