Trick R Treat Yourself

Trick R’ Treat Yourself

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Written By, Christine Chanel


From spooky scares to delicious treats and creative costumes—Halloween is here to bring out our wild n’ crazy sides. And, of course, our inner child. Trick r’ treat yourself this year for a great Halloween.

As children, we waited and waited all month long for the special day where we could pretend to be someone else (or, otherworldly) while we hit the streets in search of treats. Whether or not you have children of your own, there is no excuse as to why you can’t enjoy this spooktacular event with friends, family, and those in your neighborhood—in-person or digitally via Zoom, hangouts, facetime, or another service alike.

Although, Halloween looks quite different this year due to COVID-19 as The CDC has strongly recommended against trick r’ treat, events, and costume masks this year—we shouldn’t let this bring down our spirits (har har). Group gatherings may be smaller, the kids may not be as excited as you’d wish to see them and the crazy costume party at your favorite bar may not be there this year but the spirit of Halloween always is.

Trick and Treating Yourself

Whether you may choose to venture with your family amongst the neighborhood or create your own fun at home—it’s important to do one thing: trick r’ treat yourself, decadently. That’s one of the main perks of Halloween, right?

There are plenty of ways to distantly enjoy yourself on Halloween.

  • Zoom call horror movie trivia
  • Videochat a neighborhood scavenger hunt  (make a list and venture around your area, socially distanced of course)
  • Happy Hour(s) all night long—with a Zoom costume contest
  • Zoom 80’s themed Halloween prom. Dress your best, pump the jams, get ready to dance. Just don’t forget your boos.

While the list can go on and on for socially distanced activities—some of us may be willing to use the outdoors to our advantage. The CDC has often recommended hosting gatherings outdoors or in a well-ventilated room with open windows.

A roaring bonfire, paired with ghoulish goodies.

Trick R' Treat Yourself 2

Halloween Bonfire


Those of us that experience season change will need to layer up—but that’s all part of the fun, is it not? Costume or not, spending the night beneath the stars while celebrating All Hallow’s Eve will have you feeling a certain way. has released its annual map of popular Halloween candies in the United States.




As with many holidays, less-than-healthy temptations venture their way through your front door. One of the scariest parts about our beloved Halloween?—the sugar intake. OF COURSE, Halloween candy is okay in moderation, like anything—no one is saying it’s a superfruit by any means, but by having these pesky critters around the house it can be easy to slip into unwanted habits or mindless snacking.

Too much sugar leads to weight gain, tooth decay, digestion complications, even anxiety. The trick—no pun intended, is to know your sugars!

Trick r’ Treat Yourself with RED Chocolate

RED is crafted with no added refined sugar while using all-natural sweeteners from quality natural cocoa. That means NO artificial sweetener, safe all-natural zero-calorie sweetener & erythritol which is known as melon sugar. A single Extra Dark Chocolate bar has 18 pieces and just 110 calories for 6 pieces, but no matter your preference all Red Chocolate varieties are up to 50% fewer calories compared to other chocolates.

Without sacrificing your taste, or celebration. Here is a list of RED friendly Halloween treats. Like a little ghost once told me—Eat, Drink & Be SCARY!

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