bloggers love red

Bloggers Love RED

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Written By, Dara Wilson



Each respected celebrity gains millions of likes from their fans online, and this is how they are put in the limelight. RED chocolate is popping up everywhere on the web. No, this is not something we are responsible for. Bloggers love RED. All thanks to our loyal bloggers, the world is understanding why RED is so special. Now, we want our devoted fans to know how special they are to RED.

Below is only a portion of great bloggers who showed RED some love in online reviews.

Ash Said It: Ash is a blogger and speaker. Listen to her life stories where she explores a variety of issues including food, restaurants, and her favorite products. She has a daily podcast show on Spreaker. Ash interviewed our CEO, Glenn Gardone and she loves the Grab-n-Go bars. She emphasized that RED bars are a great treat especially when you are stuck in the house. Ash loves that she can spoil her sweet tooth without a ton of fat and calories like other chocolate has.


Bello Magazine: Los Angeles based, Bello is the place to be online for entertainment and style. This magazine explores the most talented new artists in beauty, fashion, and music. Kygo, Madison Bailey, and Usher have all been discussed and showcased. To get a fresh perspective and learn about a plethora of new talent, discover Bello. RED’s Grab-n-Go bars have been an especially big hit with the beautiful people of LA. Pointing out that RED is keto and Weight-watchers friendly, these bars are the perfect snack anytime.


Living Out Loud LA: If you want everything that is trending and great about the LA area, this blog is where it’s at. Culture and food, music and film, theatre and sports, this blog has it all. What LOL-LA does in their “Back to School Supplies for 2020” article is special. They highlight RED’s Grab-n-Go bars that have 30-40% less fat than other chocolate. This shows that a quick mid-day snack can be indulgent without being weighed down by fat.


Queen Thrifty: She loves to share her useful tips on lifestyle and travel, proving that everyone can enjoy life on a budget. Her most recent review is on Brandless, an American e-commerce company. She is also a Disney blogger and interviews celebrities regarding content around hit Disney movies. Queen Thrifty spotlights RED’s Grab-n-Go bars in her “5 Back to School Items.” She highlights something others may overlook. Many people see low fat or low-calorie chocolate as diet chocolate not intended for children. This is not the case. By pointing out that RED contains no added sugar, and instead, is sweetened naturally from plant sugar, this shows RED chocolate is a great quick treat for an adult or kid of any age. No sugar crash here.


Southern Lifestyle: Why does LA get all the attention? Explore this blog that is everything Southern, but so much more. She does book and product reviews and writes about her travels. Shannon is very proud of her faith and southern roots. Shannon writes about how things can change once you actually look at the nutrition label on the chocolate you are eating. She suggests 11 healthier alternatives with companies such as RED who are focusing on nutrition as much as flavor.


It’s clear that the word is getting out about RED, but don’t thank us, thank you.

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